NZHIA is a professional organisation formed to ensure world class universal access to hearing health services and education is a right of every New Zealander. Representative of manufactuers and retailers of hearing health services NZHIA members are responsible for the testing, assessment and fitting of over 90% of the hearing devices used in New Zealand.

United by the goal that hearing loss is taken more seriously as a health priority, NZHIA works to better inform policy development; grow awareness of the value of the industry and provide a public voice on hearing related matters. Our mission is to see all New Zealanders with hearing loss and their families to live life to the fullest.
NZHIA works closely with government, other professional bodies in the sector and New Zealanders suffering from hearing loss.

NZHIA’s member organisations operate independently of each other on a daily basis.


Barney Irvine

CEO - New Zealand Hearing Industry Association

Barney is a senior public policy and advocacy professional whose career spans the public and private sectors, in New Zealand and abroad. Over the past 15 years, he has advised and represented numerous industry associations, in fields including transport, waste and recycling, construction and medical technology. He brings to the NZHIA a track record of shaping policy discussions and achieving tangible policy outcomes.

Dean Lawrie

Managing Director Bay Audiology and Dilworth Hearing

Dean is the Managing Director of Amplifon NZ Limited which is the parent of Bay Audiology and Dilworth Hearing and has led the team since 2014. Amplifon is the global leader in Audiology and Hearing Solutions, helping more people worldwide improve their hearing than any other organisation. As with all of the Amplifon team, Dean is passionate about helping every New Zealander experience the best hearing possible.

Prior to joining the audiology sector, Dean has held senior roles in Strategy, Growth, Business and Operations Leadership, in Ngai Tahu and Carter Holt Harvey and commenced his career as a Professional Engineer. Dean has also held roles as Director of companies, trusts and industry associations.

Ben Green

Managing Director Triton Hearing

Ben Green has spent 25+ years working in the technology sector in New Zealand, Asia and Europe. He has held a variety of leadership roles through his career in the IT and Telecommunications sector with companies such IBM, Microsoft and Vodafone. For the past 8 years Ben has been Board member of the Selwyn Foundation, a leader in Aged care service provision. In 2021 Selwyn Foundation became the largest charitable provider for vulnerable elderly though social impact investments made possible by its managed investment fund.

In 2022, Ben was appointed Managing Director of Triton Hearing, part of the Swiss Sonova Group, a global leader in innovative hearing care solutions. Triton Hearing is New Zealand’s second largest hearing healthcare provider.

He holds a Master of Commerce Degree and is also a Provisional Chartered Accountant with Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand and he is a member of the New Zealand Institute of Directors.

Michael Severn

General Manager, Hearing Care Audika NZ

Michael is General Manager of Audika Hearing Clinics in New Zealand. He is an experienced audiologist and operations executive whose main responsibilities include strategic planning, business development, clinical guidance, staff training and stakeholder engagement.

He started his audiology career in 2007 as a clinician at Clarity Hearing Solutions, following the completion of his Masters in Audiology at the University of Auckland. Since then, he has taken on progressively senior positions with his most recent, and present role, as General Manager of Audika (part of Demant group) clinics in New Zealand. While he remains a practising clinician, most of his role is focused on the strategy and operations side of audiology care.

He is extremely passionate about delivering high quality hearing healthcare to all New Zealanders and providing clients with an exceptional experience whether it be diagnostic or rehab-based audiology services. Michael has been an active member of the NZAS serving on the Executive Council and a number of their sub-committees in the past.


Aaron Thompson

Sonova New Zealand (Wholesale) Ltd

Aaron is the managing director of Sonova Australia and Sonova New Zealand. Sonova are a global leader in innovative hearing care solutions.

Aaron emigrated with his family from the United Kingdom in January 2020 initially taking responsibility for the Australia wholesale business followed by New Zealand in April 2022.

Aaron has spent +20 years in the health care sector, the past 13 years has been focused on the Audiology market.

Previous international leadership roles in Europe with both the public and private market has shaped a rounded leadership perspective of what is required to help grow brands and meet the needs of the customer.

Aaron is passionate about developing talent and working in an industry where communication and helping people is the core business.


Andreas Anderhov

Managing Director GN Hearing ANZ

Andreas was appointed Managing Director for GN Hearing ANZ in January 2018 and emigrated with his family from Sweden. Andreas was previously the Managing Director for GN Hearing Nordic overseeing Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland and Iceland.

Andreas is an entrepreneurial spirit who has a passion for developing people and growing companies. Over the last two decades, Andreas has lived and worked in the US, Europe, and now Asia-Pacific developing a true global understanding of the pharmaceutical and medical device industries.

Andreas feels that there is nothing more rewarding than being part of a team that is motivated by delivering solutions that improve lives.

Andreas has extensive global experience from commercial roles both in HQ and affiliates settings, which has helped foster a deep appreciation for what it takes to create true global brands. Andreas has worked in various roles in management, sales, training, marketing, and for the last many years as Managing Director.