New Zealand Hearing Industry Association

NZHIA is a professional organisation formed to ensure world class universal access to hearing health services and education is a right of every New Zealander. Representative of manufactuers and retailers of hearing health services NZHIA members are responsible for the testing, assessment and fitting of over 90% of the hearing devices used in New Zealand.

United by the goal that hearing loss is taken more seriously as a health priority, NZHIA works to better inform policy development; grow awareness of the value of the industry and provide a public voice on hearing related matters. Our mission is to see all New Zealanders with hearing loss and their families to live life to the fullest.
NZHIA works closely with government, other professional bodies in the sector and New Zealanders suffering from hearing loss.

NZHIA’s member organisations operate independently of each other on a daily basis.


Sue Wood


Sue is the independent chair of the New Zealand Hearing Industry Association. She currently serves on the board of the Museum of Transport and Technology (MOTAT) and is deputy chair of the Clinical Governance Board, National Service for Intestinal Failure for the Ministry of Health. She served as an independent director on the Priory Trust Board of St John for nine years and for three terms on the board of Te Papa Tongarewa, New Zealand’s National Museum. She is a former chair of the Prisoners Aid and Rehabilitation Trust.Sue was the first woman to be elected president of a major political party in the 1980s and for 25 years was managing director of Sue Wood and Associates, a consultancy specializing in corporate communications and public affairs based in Wellington.

Dean Lawrie

Dean Lawrie

Managing Director Bay Audiology and Dilworth Hearing

Dean is the Managing Director of Amplifon NZ Limited which is the parent of Bay Audiology and Dilworth Hearing and has led the team since 2014. Amplifon is the global leader in Audiology and Hearing Solutions, helping more people worldwide improve their hearing than any other organisation. As with all of the Amplifon team, Dean is passionate about helping every New Zealander experience the best hearing possible.

Prior to joining the audiology sector, Dean has held senior roles in Strategy, Growth, Business and Operations Leadership, in Ngai Tahu and Carter Holt Harvey and commenced his career as a Professional Engineer. Dean has also held roles as Director of companies, trusts and industry associations.

James Whittaker

James Whittaker

Managing Director Triton Hearing

After a successful career with British Airways in London, James and his family emigrated to New Zealand in January 2009. That year he was appointed General Manager for National Hearing Care, a privately owned Australasian Audiology group.  After the 2011 acquisition of the National Hearing Care Group by Amplifon of Italy, James was appointed Managing Director for Amplifon NZ and took on the responsibility of managing Bay Audiology as well as National Hearing Care.

In 2014, James was appointed Managing Director of Triton Hearing, part of the Swiss Sonova Group, the world’s largest hearing healthcare company. Triton Hearing is New Zealand’s second largest hearing healthcare provider and successfully achieved Consumer Trusted status in 2015. James’ passion is customer service and ensuring that New Zealanders get the very best outcomes from their hearing healthcare experience.

Janet Muir

Janet Muir

Managing Director Retail New Zealand Audiology

Janet is a highly regarded healthcare business leader, with over 20 years in the industry across hospitals, aged care, home care, pathology and social outreach. Today, Janet oversees the William Demant Holding Group in New Zealand and Australia, one of the world’s leading hearing service providers.

Mike Sharp

Mike Sharp

Managing Director Sonova New Zealand (Wholesale) Ltd

Mike has a career spanning 21 years in audiology. A graduate of the University of Auckland’s Master of Audiology programme, Mike has worked clinically in both the private and public health sector. He has been with Sonova wholesale since 1999, working in various roles for the Phonak brand of hearing instruments (audiology support, finance, operations) and has been Managing Director since 2007.

Mike is also the current Chair of the Hearing Instrument Manufacturers and Distributors Association.